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Seven Emblems- Inspirational Poetry, Music, Video clips

There is a consciousness, for lack of a better term, that is both ancient and everlasting and yet neither, for it has been present since before time began. Today, if you choose to participate in this site, you will be informed by that consciousness and will contribute to it for it runs through you as it does all things. We’ll call that consciousness “ZA”-the voice of Spirit. When you enter you'll see a grid of 49 emblems. Choose seven that you believe most represent who you are this moment. These are archetypal images; Most should hold some meaning to you and your spirit if you contemplate them. Try not to choose with too much thought but with your instinct and intuition. “ZA” chooses emblems because they communicate to an ancient and eternal part of us existing long before language and culture formed to separate us. When you have made your seven choices, submit them and register on this site. You will soon receive a personal message from “ZA” that is meant specifically for you, based upon the symbols you chose. It may be a poem, an image, a statement or even a short piece of music. It should offer you guidance toward a purpose which you may or may not know but which resonates within you. Study it carefully with your inner spirit at heart. You may choose the same seven emblems or change them as you feel changed. “ZA” will send you more messages specific to your choices, once a week for the length of your subscription. The messages will change regardless of whether you change the sequence or your emblems. Time is fluid and therefore that which communicates to you will continue to be different. Understand that as more of you choose to continue this dialogue with “ZA”, the more your collective potential will be realized. “ZA’s” message is profound yet by no means unknown. However, this vehicle, the internet, allows a worldwide communion of spirit, uncluttered by culture or ego or politics. Your participation will expand the link between all things so often neglected by the fear manifested in collective systems. The power is not in the number of you but the number unified to one. You will also see a change in this site. More will become known of “ZA” and more avenues to that consciousness will arise. It is the mystery and the method to return to the balance and exaltation of the Universe. The path begins with you.

- the Scribe

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